Since 2005, Macedo, Galvão & Associados - Advocacia Empresarial, has added a wide and recognized gamma of legal achievements that provide for the maintenance of solid and lasting partnerships with the most varied economic sectors companies distributed throughout the national territory. Dedicated to the Consultative and Litigation activities in Corporate Law, we achieved the recognition in the legal and business market as one of the most competent Law Firms, representing large and important companies throughout Brazil.

Aiming to offer an agile and safe service, we have developed a network of Lawyers Partners located in all state capitals and in the main cities of the interior, carrying out diligences and hearings, all certified and qualified by the Firm's Partners. It is important to highlight that the intellectual development of the procedural documents, consultancies and other legal and administrative activities, essential to maintaining the quality and safety of the work, is located at the Office's headquarters, from where all the orientations and instructions to Partners originate.

To be nationally recognized for excellence and ethics in corporate legal activities.

Offer specialized legal services in each area of Business Law, in an agile, safe and effective way, with personalized service. Ensure seriousness in all relationships, through committed and trained professionals.

Our conduct must reflect the most demanding standards of ethics and quality. Our relationship must be transparent, based on professional responsibility. We must make every effort to exceed customer expectations.




Headquartered at Campinas/SP and with a branch in São Paulo/SP, Macedo, Galvão e Associados has meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual resources, making it possible to hold videoconferences and virtual audiences. With 750 m², the environments were designed according to the profile of each activity, offering greater privacy to the Consulting activities and privileging the synergy between professionals in the most dynamic activities, whose work development requires greater communication from the team.


Connected and engaged with the new technological needs of the legal and business world, we use one of the most modern procedural management software offered on the market, enabling, in addition to online access to the system, the treatment of provisions and monitoring of the risks that each demand offers to company, in addition to the jurimetry tool.

Jurimetry is the statistics applied to law, in a simple and direct analysis. It is used with legal process management software to indicate vulnerable points and systemic problems within a company. Strategic information is extracted from the litigious so that corrective measures can be taken. The graphics generated by Jurimetry enable clear and objective visualization of the financial issues involved in the legal proceedings, in addition to the indication of the performance of the results achieved. It is the junction of the law’s formality with the modernity of technology, generating better results and expanding the legal security of clients. The management systems are operated by a team of specialized professionals, called “Paralegal”, who update, process information and consolidate deadlines and hearings.



In order to achieve the goals and better results, we invest in our most valuable resource: people. Our qualified Professionals’ Team count with Lawyers and Consultants specialized in the respective areas of expertise.





Bachelors who work in Paralegals activities






Professionals in the Administrative/Financial areas

These Principles are decisive for solidifying the differential of our service and work.


Ethics – competence – commitment – responsibility – evolution – transparency




Elaboration of timely responses to issues related to Labor Law, Worker's Health and Safety, Work Environment and Social Security Law;

Preparation of Legal Technical Opinions with specific topics requested by the company's representatives;

Monitoring of inspection by the tax auditors of the Ministry of Labour and Employment;

Presentation of Administrative Defense against possible Assessment of the Ministry of Labour and Employment;

Elaboration, execution and monitoring of all registration, authorization and/or regularization processes before the Superintendencies and Regional Labuor Managements;

Internal audits in the Human Resources Departments, with assessment of procedures adopted, payroll, benefits and payment of Charges;

Authorizations for Work on Sundays and Holidays with the Ministry of Labour and Employment;

Authorizations to reduce the interval for meals and rest with the Ministry of Labour and Employment;

Due Diligence in the labor area, broadly involving all factors involved in labor relations;

Evaluation of contractual drafts of outsourced workers with the presentation of suggestions for changes to increase the legal security of the company;

Training of Managers and Representatives.

Preparation of all procedural documents pertinent to the company's labor and social security processes;

Hearings in all Labour Jurisdiction in Brazil, through our corporate lawyers or our Partner Lawyers;

Development of defensive theses using the most up-to-date Labor Doctrine and Jurisprudence;

Oral argument in the Regional Labour Courts and the Superior Labour Court;

Procedural follow-up with the issuance of a detailed monthly report, including the updated and individualized progress of the processes.


Elaboration of timely responses on Tax and Fiscal topics, dealing with Federal, State and Municipal taxes;

Internal audit, with the survey of all applied procedures, evaluation of the regularity of the tax frameworks, evaluation of the rates used and the consequent survey of the tax liability;

Preparation of Legal Technical Opinions with specific topics requested by the company's representatives;

Survey of the Fiscal and Tax situation of the Company, with the respective indication of the appropriate means to remedy any inadequacies.

Monthly update of Tax and Fiscal Legislation that is of interest to the Contractor;

Monitoring of possible inspections by Tax Auditors;

Adoption of all necessary judicial and administrative measures to fully meet the company's interests;



Contracts: elaboration, analyzing, reviewing, negotiating commercial, service, commercial, consumer and all types of contracts;

Preparation of technical Opinions for contractual risk assessment;

Consumer: Creation and review of pre/post-sale procedures, such as advertising, contracts, face-to-face or through call-center services, among others, aiming to adapt the activities to the rules that regulate it, avoiding the formation of disputes, as well as reducing liabilities;


Corporate: Performance in judicial and administrative demands involving corporate issues (exclusion of partners, partial or total dissolution, civil liability of the partner for deviation from purpose, verification of assets, accountability, among others);

Consumer: preparation of defenses and monitoring of processes at the administrative (Procon) and judicial levels (Special Courts or Common Justice);

Preparation of detailed reports of such processes, providing the customer with statistical data, as well as information for auditing and contingency of amounts;

Indemnities: preparation of actions or defenses in matters of civil liability, such as indemnity actions for moral and property damages, breach of contracts, corporate and/or commercial disputes, etc.;

Credit recovery: extrajudicial negotiation and/or litigious collection of credits of any nature;


Structuring and restructuring of companies and their business activities;

Preparation and amendment of contracts and bylaws, shareholders' agreements and other corporate documents

Constitution of new companies;

Preparation and registration and Minutes of Meetings

Corporate reorganization, including mergers, divisions, incorporations and liquidation of companies;

Estate and Succession Planning: development of projects for the reorganization of assets owned by individuals or legal entities, as well as estate planning for the purpose of establishing succession procedures in family groups in order to avoid or reduce present or future conflicts.


Conducting the entire negotiation process with the Workers' Unions, including Collective Working Days Agreements, Collective Arrangements for Profit and Results Sharing, Agreement to Reduce Hours and Salaries, Negotiating Arrangements and implementing different shifts that require the participation of the Union, between others;

We have separated the negotiation activities into 4 (four) distinct stages, understood as follows:

Pre-negotiation (assessment, study of the scenario, establishment of strategy);

Negotiation Process (negotiation rounds and employers' meetings);

Post-negotiation (disclosure, training and guidance to representatives);

Judicial phase (presentation of defenses or interposition of all pertinent judicial measures);

Preparation of Collective Labor Agreements and/or Conventions;

Strikes management with the adoption of all applicable and pertinent administrative and judicial measures, aiming at the immediate closure of the wall movement;

Training and preparation of corporate team for Union Relations;

Participation in Round Tables in the Regional Labour Managements;

Preparation of consultations and technical opinions on Collective Labour Law;

Submission of Disputes in Collective Working Days Agreements of an Economic Nature, when the company is raised;

Monitoring of all collective processes of interest to the company;

Establishment of Strike Agreement when necessary;

Proposition of Prohibitive Injunction before the competent Justice, when the company's headquarters or the entry of employees is threatened by strike movements;

Procedural follow-up with the issuance of a detailed monthly report, including the updated and individualized progress of the collective proceedings.


Auditing in Service Providers is an important management tool for assessing risks originated by outsourced companies, which we call “Third Party Auditing”.

Over the nine years of activity, the tool has already provided important results for our Clients, mainly regarding the hiring and maintenance of economically healthy and stable outsourced companies, minimizing the financial risk and considerably reducing the volume of litigation.

With the implementation of the management tool called “Auditing in Third Parties”, the company initially seeks a company that manages the lowest volume of litigation and, for that, evaluates the effective compliance with labour and social security legislation of service providers.

If the provision of services generates any labour demand, we evaluate the “health” and financial stability of each of the service providers, preventing any labor executions against the outsourced company from turning against the Contracting Party, due to insolvency by the principal debtor.

The purpose of the audit is to ascertain the real situation of the contracted Service Provider companies, mainly evaluating the following points:

Full compliance with labour and social security legislation;

Correct payment of charges and taxes arising from the employment relationship;

Legality for the service provider company to perform the services offered to the Contracting Party (Social object in the articles of association, authorizations from competent bodies, necessary qualifications);

Risk of insolvency of the service provider;

Necessary and sufficient infrastructure to provide the service offered.

After the evaluation of all points, an "x-ray" of the service provider is presented and a degree of risk is offered to the Contracting Party, varying between level "1" (one) that corresponds to the best service providers. services, up to level “6” (six), which correspond to companies that offer imminent and serious risks to the Contracting Party.


After carrying out the Initial Audits in outsourced companies, when it will be possible to ascertain the situation in which the companies are at the time of the evaluation, it is recommended that the Permanent Audit of the companies be installed, allowing the extension of the security determined in the initial evaluation or even, the monitoring aiming at the improvement of the Service Provider, as long as its evaluation is not compromising and/or irreversible.

The frequency or spacing between the so-called Maintenance Audits will be provided for in the visit schedule, prepared jointly between the Office and the Service Contracting Party, giving priority to companies whose risk level was high.

In the Maintenance Audits, the most critical points found in the Initial Audit are prioritized, observing whether there have been improvements or not compared to the previous assessment.


In order to minimize the bureaucratic and administrative activities of the Office’s Lawyers and Consultants and offer greater security and credibility in the information handled, we have an internal structure called “Paralegal”, which is responsible for supplying the Procedural Management System, launching deadlines, elaboration, consolidation and dissemination of the Hearings and Technical Expertise Guidelines, carrying out diligences and capturing publications in the Official Diaries.

The Paralegal Team is formed by professionals graduated in Law and Supervised by a Lawyer specialized in Administrative and Paralegal activities.





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